Only recently Coders Mill organized a meetup in Redwood City, California, for everyone interested in learning the Python programming language. Our web developer Szymon Ładniak spoke about the ease and efficiency of coding in Python, code readability and endless possibilities.

Why did we bother?

For the same reason Python is now the most popular programming language for teaching introductory computer science courses in the U.S. as well as one of the highest paid programming skills in the market according to the recent Brookings Institution research. It’s because learning and programming in Python makes sense.

Perfect fit for both beginners and experts

Python has been first introduced back in early 90. and is currently right there next to Java, JavaScript or Ruby among most popular language choices. It’s an all-purpose multi-paradigm language, perfect for building modern web apps, task automation (testing), scripting, data manipulation and aggregation. Its interpreted nature makes it an obvious choice for web development, but its applications include desktop software.

One of many interesting things about Python is its ability to cater to the needs of both beginners and battle-proven programmers. Being fairly simple and concise, it makes for a perfect introduction to programming in general and requires less time to write code than other enterprise-level languages and frameworks (such as Java, C++ and .NET). The same pros make its code readable, a time-saver for large-scale applications, which may be one of the reason Python is one of the languages of choice for Google (YouTube). Not to mention, Python comes with amazing portability properties, making it a good pick for cross-platform development and surprising scalability for an interpreted language thanks to the ability to be rewritten/extended with C among others.

Python is here to stay

Coding in Python is nothing short of adventure. Wide applications both in terms of different fields and project size, the presence of amazing community-driven Python frameworks such as Django, high demand and in turn supply makes it a prolific and competitive field. At Coders Mill we believe in Python and dedicate ourselves to developing high performance websites and apps using its potential. If that’s what you want, put your trust in Python too. If you want to learn it yourself, you can find plenty of splendid materials online for free (and of course, drop by our next workshop to dive in the wonderful world of Python coding and community).