For over two days Palace of Culture and Science had changed into polish center od innovation. All of this because of Bitspiration Festival of technology and music, which this time tooked place in Warsaw. This year it was 4th edition of the event and first, witch we partnered with.

Bitspiration is every year meeting of entrepreneurs, experts and young startuppers in high technology businesses from all of the world. Event is organized by Andrzej Targosz (our CEO) and Proidea’s team. This year it was a record edition, which was attended by almost 800 people.

This event is  a unique opportunity to talk with experts for the whole world, make new contacts and find potential employees, that is why we decided to support it this year.


Participants could listen to the experts of funding startups, accelerators representatives who explained how to get financial support for startup, how to start cooperation with the accelerator and how to present a project. Young entrepreneurs were talking about their businesses, problems and successes.


Marvin Liao from 500 startups were talking about  how to properly submit their ideas, Keith Teare (TechCrunch co-founder) were explaining how to convince investors to trust in a project and how to prepare perfect elevator pitch, layer Augie Rakow how to negotiate first financing.


During the event attendees knew also winners of The Aulery Awards, which have been awarded to innovative start-ups and technology companies from Poland and Central and Eastern Europe since 2009.


We could also join MIT rewards, organized by the MIT Technology Review together with Innovators Under 35 Europe.  Congratulations!


We are also proud to inform, that our project EventoryAPP was also partner and official app during the event!