Start-ups are trying to do groundbreaking things. Thinking of it as a noble cause, I keep fingers crossed for many projects that aim to make the world a better place. Of course changing the world is not easy and the task is especially hard when you try to introduce something completely new. It means that (probably) nobody have done that before, there are no similar projects to relate to and there’s no solid knowledge at hand.

Hard to say

It’s not the end of the Start-up problems. When there’s no supporting knowledge or examples, it’s really hard to put your idea into words. During casual meetings with friends you can talk lightly and precision is not a necessity, but the situation is completely different when you’re on a pitch meeting or trying to delegate tasks to your coding team.

First goal

Spending hours and hours, thinking about the best adjectives that describe your idea is counterproductive. It’s new and still changing so probably you’ll never be satisfied with the forged depiction. What to do? You’ll have to acknowledge that misunderstandings and  lack of concrete software specifications rule the first stage of Start-up development process. Focus your efforts not on wordsmithing but on relaying the basic instructions to your coding team. Use all your strength and skills to acquire one goal – a prototype.

The real deal

When a Start-up can translate elusive plans and dreams into a solid prototype I think of it as the real deal. Flawed but working software is the first milestone of your company. You will almost immediately feel that all of your development conversations become a lot more precise and productive. By working and experimenting with the prototype you will understand what works and what elements need to be discarded. And it is finally the time to play with words. I’m sure that now the right ones will come to your mind a lot easier.


So how to acquire a prototype fast? Right project management methodology is the key. For software development, Agile is the way to go. Its acknowledgement of misunderstanding and errors will work greatly in your favor. Misconceptions can be identified and fixed up to date, without forcing the whole development process to stop or rewind (the main flow of waterfall systems). Betting on Agile will allow you to reach your first milestone in no time. That’s your first step towards changing the world. And the real deal.

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