Coding goes smoothly, deadlines will be met, you’re happy and relaxed. Suddenly – a problem appears! There were some tricky obstacles in the past, but the solution came to you instantly and you jumped over them with full speed. Now the situation is different. It’s not a problem – it’s THE problem. You stumble and the solution is unclear. Overall the development process is endangered. Tears spring to your eyes. Say goodbye to happiness.

Don’t regard a tough problem as a final nail to your coffin. Tough problems need to be resolved. So don’t write your obituary just yet. Here’s some advice that will help get your development process back on track.

You are not alone

It sounds silly but the statement is right. When problem occurs, don’t hide it or pretend that it’s not there. Inform the rest of the team about the incident. Everybody can act accordingly and carefully check if the error disturbs their work.

Obstacles swept under the rug have this funny ability to swell and burst in the most unexpected moment. Explosion of an unattended problem can be lethal to your development. So start the disarmament process at the proper time.

Liberate yourself from the box

Focusing attention on one topic can give false confidence that you thought about everything. It’s a dangerous situation because there’s a probability that you closed yourself in “a box” (we’ve covered that topic here) – you constantly repeat the same ways of thinking. If you can’t find a solution that’s probably because the root of a problem is located, not in the area, that you’ve covered.

Of course it’s cool to be a sole savior and deliver the solution. A more reasonable thing to do is opening yourself to the suggestions of others. Talk about the problem with team members, ask your friends for advice. New ideas will help you liberate from the box and approach the solution faster.


Problems in development are unpleasant but not unexpected. You should plan strategically and use a proper framework that will allow you to minimize the impact of obstacles. The right project management system is a must.

In software development Agile is the correct way to go. It’ll allow you to fight complex issues without decreasing the overall workflow. Read this if you want to learn more about the benefits of Agile.


You come up with an answer? Great, but ask yourself this: will it resolve the problem completely or is it only a temporary solution? Don’t use the second option – it’s similar to sweeping the problem under the rug. Put a lot of effort into resolving the problem completely and thoroughly. Half measures are unacceptable. Partial or stitched solutions will be the weakest areas of the final product performance. If it malfunctions, you will know why. If you’re aiming at excellence, there’s no slacking.

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