Don’t regard “outsourcing” as a big fancy word used only by white collars in global corporations. Your IT company (big or small) can benefit a lot from entrusting processes outside. External developers will get your software up and running in no time.

We understand fully that you may be reluctant to delegate important tasks outside. This article aims to address the most popular of your concerns. We hope that our answers will help you make the right decision concerning cooperation with an outsourcing company.

Great fear number one – I’m reluctant to give away my baby

The software idea is your baby – you pamper it from conception and want to protect it from harm. Experienced outsourcing house understands that and will act accordingly. During the development you will be in constant touch. That involves planning, regular meetings and updates. All to assure you that everything is going as planned. Software house can of course propose additional tweaks, but remember – it’s your software and you’re still calling the shots.

Great fear number two – Is that software company any good?

It is normal to feel suspicion at first. You entrust important tasks (and money) to people you recently meet. But do you really know nothing about your partners to be? For starters, good outsourcing company will go to great lengths to make you feel secure. Comforting words will be backed up with data, portfolios and endorsements. Still not convinced? Try social media – learn what people talk about your partner. Trust comes with time, but that should be enough for a firm first step.

Great fear number three – I’m on the road without return

You’ve picked the company, cooperation took off, the idea is being developed. Everything looks good, but one night you wake up covered in sweat. – Eureka! – you say and your app idea has changed. You feel nervous because works are underway. Typically it would be a problem, but not for a software house that deals with startups. It’s a usual thing that a new idea changes its form. Agile project management allows to incorporate new elements even in later stages of development. So no sweating in bed.

Great fear number four – Will it cost me an arm and a leg?

Last, but not least – costs. Of course you will have to pay for the service of a software house. But we encourage you to calculate costs the fallowing way.

You’re a small startup with world changing idea and little staff. To develop software internally you would have to hire. New team needs time to learn and to integrate. That costs not only money but time and nerves. Software house has know-how, experienced team and just waits for your signal to begin. When we put it that way, the costs of the cooperation don’t look so bad, don’t you think?

This short list combines only basics concerns regarding outsourcing. We hope that it helps make the right decisions. Want to talk some more? We’re more than glad to provide you with extra information. Write to us or contact us via Facebook.