Not exceptional coding, not great logo or marketing plan – the core that determines the quality of your IT Start-up (or Start-ups in general), is the founding idea.

Bad ideas can damage your work greatly and no matter how much heart you put into further software development, you will probably fail miserably. Don’t jump into coding the very moment some thought tingle your skull. Take your time to check if the idea, in which you plan to invest time, money and nerves (a lot of nerves) is of any good. Here’s some advice that will help you detect if the idea you are developing can be a firm foundation of your work.

Know your field inside out

Your start-up doesn’t have to change everything for everyone. So rather than “thinking big” focus on your surroundings and their drawbacks. For example, your interests are a mine of great ideas. You know your field inside out – what works there and what doesn’t. Concentrate on ways that you can mend the things that don’t work. Your Start- up idea will be born.

Look into work of others

Locate and observe your competition. What are they doing in the area of your interest. Are they trying to solve the same problem you want to solve? If so, is their solution better than yours? Tweak your idea accordingly to what you’ve learned.

Have no mercy

Be the most strict critic of your own idea. Have no mercy. Create hypothetical problems (even crazy ones) and try to solve them with your planned software. It will allow you to locate loopholes in your way of thinking and further strengthen the Start – up idea.

Ask your mom

When you think too much on a problem, there’s a danger of closing yourself in “a box” – repeating the same thought patterns and coming up with the same solutions. It’s a dangerous situation because it can give you a false sense of completion. Share your idea with others. Ask your friends and family for feedback. Their reviews will deliver a lot of new information to your work. Remember that the harshest opinions will probably be the most valuable. So wipe out your tears, analyze them thoroughly and use what you have learned.

At this point you should have a tangible Start-up idea that is ready for further work. We would be more than glad to provide you with assistance and/or information regarding software development for Start-ups.

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