Only great team of programmers can cope with high software expectations of today’s clients. Thankfully, Coders Mill can regard itself as such and provide top notch IT outsourcing services to demanding entrepreneurs like Don Dodge or JD Lasica. Poland has a lot to offer when it goes to coding talents. Learn 5 advantages of polish coders that allow them to excel at what they do.

Problem solvers

Good coding is an outcome of good planning. We regard customer demands as problems that they want to be resolved. So before even one finger hits the keyboard we gather and brainstorm the solution.  When the answer is solid, team gets to work and coding goes swiftly.


We’ve heard of those mythical titans called Full Stack Developers who combine frontend, backend and mobile skills. In Poland, there’s a saying: a man for every job is a man for no jobs. So more than superhumans, we tend to favor teams of coders representing specifically oriented skills. What is more, we encourage our team members to explore their area of expertise. With each new skill acquired by a single programmer the overall strength of the team rises.


Even the best coding skills, when misused, won’t do any good. Only sensible management system can channel the efforts of the team to give results. Agile is an adaptive, performance driven project management system. In Poland it’s a standard in managing software development. Using agile allows us not only to work efficiently but to provide services globally, as it’s a project management standard widely recognized in the world.


Overall Polish English skills are very high. Our country is ranked 6th by English Proficiency Index – the world’s largest ranking of English skills. Among the coders, as English is the language of their work, the quality of language skill is even higher.

Education and experience

Over twenty tech, state universities and a number of private colleges equip young people with proper knowledge. What is more, students in Poland tend to freelance during their learning time so after graduation they are armed with both – theory and practical experience. For that reason even the younger coders, at the beginning of their work in a company, need little time to adopt and are becoming valuable addition to the team in no time.

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