Code development for Startups is a distinctive kind of an outsourcing service. When there is no tangible software and skeleton staff – the big idea is the most valuable part of a company. Now that idea is being turned over to some software house! For a startup it’s kind of a “to be or not to be” situation full of doubts and worries. When not properly addressed, such fears can transform a promising cooperation into an orgy of misjudgment, anger and accusations.

Remember that in IT outsourcing the product you are offering is not only the final software. It’s the whole collaboration process with the delivery as a closing stage. For that reason, the outsourcing company should pay attention not only to delivery but the quality of everyday cooperation. Here are 5 key values that should be the foundation of great outsourcing service for Startups.


In startup outsourcing the status of collaborating parties should be equal. Each side contributes to the project. Game changing idea, which is the spiritus movens of the whole operation, comes with the client. Software house has the know-how and technology to develop it. Sides should depend on one another. So no petty bickering about who’s the “most important” contributor to the project.


Guesswork in outsourcing collaboration is unacceptable. Each party should be informed fully of others progress, achievements and (that is very important) eventual problems. Maintaining transparency will greatly reduce the number of misunderstandings that can threaten the overall workflow of a project.


That’s kind of elementary, but here’s a reminder: it’s really important to talk to your Client. Regular reporting, calls, meetings, project management tools shearing – those are the basics. Communication can boost both: partnership and transparency in collaboration. Don’t be lazy and pick up that phone!


In most cases, Startup idea is not solid and evolves with time. It means that the Startup Client will probably change his mind often about the direction of the development process. Outsourcing team should anticipate such actions and adopt a flexible project management system like agile. Read here why agile is best for Startups.


The cooperation will crumble if the outsourcing team is unable to deliver a top notch performance. When the coding is solid, mentioned values will gradually rise the level of your cooperation.

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