Silicon Valley still remains the promised land of start-ups and innovation. But when you’re the king, everyone wants to overthrow you. So the great question was asked numerous times – when the time comes, who will succeed the mighty Silicon Valley? We will try to convince you that among the aspirants, Poland is a strong candidate in the race for the throne.

Proof number one – not starting, just expanding

We can easily pin point big, game changing start-ups, which originated in Poland. Estimote constantly breaks new ground in beacon technology, when you think about social learning – Brainly will surely come into mind, probably every independent designer knows Showroom and companies in 130 countries use LiveChat as a basic tool of customer service.

Because of the above, a Polish start-up scene should not be considered a new one. We’ve got a still growing list of entrepreneurs with years of experience in the industry. They invest in new projects and share their knowledge with others, so it is properly used. Many new start-ups begin their journey holding something more than a great idea. They are armed with a precise development patch, business plan and market research.

Proof number two – knowledge is the key, and we know how to pass it  

Knowledge is one of the crucial attributes of a successful entrepreneur. Polish education system gets the job done. OECD ranked Poland’s education system 5th in Europe and 11th in the world.  That’s way ahead of Great Britain and the United States.

Over twenty tech universities owned by state, a number of private colleges and the collaboration between schools and technical sector representatives create an effective setup that allows to equip young people with knowledge and skills.

Proof number three – you can develop and surely not overpay

It’s still a lot cheaper to develop a start-up in Poland than in Western Europe or the US. Please remember that cheaper doesn’t pair up with worse. The quality of development remains at least the same (or better). What is more, thanks to EU emphasis on R&D, polish entrepreneurs have access to a number of ways of funding their innovative projects.

Proof number four – climate for innovation

There’s a number of initiatives (both public and private) that nurture and boost young people’s entrepreneurship. Even smaller cities invest in Technology Parks, accelerators and incubators that offer workplace and guidance for business wannabes. Tech and start-up events, differing in scale and scope (e.g. Bitspiration, Digital Dragons), are regularly hosted all around the country. Those are, of course, great places to exchange thoughts and ideas or learn a thing or two.

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