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About Us

Coding is our passion

Coders Mill delivers state of the art web and mobile solutions to complex business problems of organizations willing to maximize effects and minimize risks.

In our team we have experienced backend developers (Python – GAE Django, Pyramid), front-end (JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and mobile (iOS and Android).

We have experience working with the best. We worked for very demanding customers such as D. Dodge, J. D. Lasica, A. Hunter, H. Aase, as well as companies like Cisco, E-nnovation etc.

How we work

We approach each project comprehensively - from the requirement gathering stage through to system design and their preparation and implementation. We have created a strong team of experts with years of experience in the developer market.

Our approach

Partnership - we work not only for the customer, we are working together with the customer to bring about their success


Transparency - working with us you have access to all the tools we use, we don’t hide anything from you


Project management - each project has its own project manager who watches throughout the whole project


Consulting - if you do not know if your product is well specified, don’t worry. We will consider it together


Technology – we work in almost every technology, we have experienced and skilled developers who can handle any challenge


Testing - is essential in the work of the developer, and an untested application will not see the light of day


Quality – we attach the greatest attention to the quality of our work, and we do not tolerate sloppy code


Flexibility - we are an Agile development team, therefore changes are our daily bread


Passion - is one of the most important factors of our work – without passion we would not be able to realize all of these wonderful projects


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Ela Goczyńska-Han
Coders Mill Sp. z o.o.
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Ela Han

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